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Laura Muniafu

Laura Muniafu is a Petroleum Engineer and Researcher at the Extractives Baraza. She has worked in a variety of business environments and holds a wealth of experience in project management, stakeholder engagement, policy design etc.


She has participated in various fora and has an in -depth understanding of the oil and gas sector from both the technical and socio -economic aspects.


Her publications include; Local Content: How women can Plug into the Petroleum Value Chain, Oil Spill Response Preparedness, Building Local Capacity in the Extractives Sector for Women and Youth, History of Oil and Gas in Kenya, “Breaking Gender asset Barriers for East Africa’s Extractives Industry: Focus on Women Economic Empowerment
through skills building, Entrepreneurship and Job Creation” etc.


She is passionate about the youth and has worked on various projects that involve mainstreaming the youth in the extractives sector including Mining4i, Energy4i. Through her unique skillset she has trained a variety of non – technical teams on technical aspects of oil and gas to enable them understand the petroleum sector.


She has been nominated for the Power Gaga Awards for the Women in Energy Awards. She has also been selected to present her paper at the upcoming World bank Conference on Gender and Oil, Gas and Mining: New Frontiers of Progress, Challenges and Solutions that is set to
take place in June 2018 in Washington, DC.


She is also the Founder of Kenyan Barrel a platform for creating awareness about the oil and gas sector. She is passionate about local content and is always working to bridge the gender gaps within the energy and extractive sectors