Young Scientists Kenya is a unique platform in East Africa, for young people from across Kenyan counties to demonstrate their innovation and showcase their scientific talents.

It is based on the premise that a wealth of talent and potential for innovation exists in Kenya.

Through annual exhibitions, Young Scientists Kenya will help to popularize science and technology amongst young people and encourage them to develop projects that seek practical solutions to the problems we face within the society.

Schools and teachers who wish to get involved are supported through cross regional workshops where they receive practical advice on experimental methods suitable for their environment. Students then generate ideas for their projects based on the realities faced in their communities, tackling topics as wide ranging as nutrition, climate change, sustainable agriculture, gender inequality, disease, clean water and sustainable energy, all of which have major implications for the development of the Kenya economy and society.


In the process of their research, students and schools are also linked up with appropriate mentors from academia, the government, development and private sectors, and encouraged to view their research in the context of the global scientific community.

The exhibition

Our objectives aim to:

  • Inspire students to pursue the STEM pathways
  • Enable students to showcase their scientific research, technologies & innovations through a STEM learning ecosystem
  • Advance the development of pro Children policies to promote ST&I
  • Develop STEM communities of practice through partnerships & extensions with the Government, Academia, the private sector & Non-State actors.

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